Revolver (2005) – a Movie Review

Revolver is a crime drama written and directed by Guy Ritchie. The film stars Jason Stratham as Jake Green, an ex-convict who decides to get revenge on his ex-boss Macha, played by Ray Liotta. On his quest for revenge, Jake Green gets swept up in a recreation with two other con-artists Zach and Avi. Warning: my evaluation contains plot spoilers. Good article for everyone – Avoid the Disappointing Movie Experience – reccomendations by I am not a fan of this film. I only rented the film because I am a fan of Jason Stratham. Huge mistake, Huge…I would like the last two hours of my life again. After being completely confused by the movie, I checked out and now realize the film is suppose to be some murals that makes individuals think. Whatever…I am easy. I prefer movies that specify every thing fairly clearly. My take of the film was that Zach and Avi have been the two con-artists that had been subsequent to Jake in solitary confinement for five years. They help Jake with his quest for revenge and help Jake understand that revenge is not the answer and that you are your personal worst enemy. But I might be making stuff up as a result of the film isn’t completely clear on the plot. The plot and a few of the scenes could also be tedious but the performing is nice. Jason Stratham was wonderful even when he was arguing with himself within the elevator. He performs crazy very nicely. Andre Benjamin was a pleasant surprise as Avi. I didn’t acknowledge him at first however now I recognize from Outkast. He is definitely a very good actor, a lot better then all the opposite singers turned actors. My favorite character is Sorter, the murderer with a heart of gold. The only good scene of the film is when Sorter decides to save lots of Jake’s brother and niece. That is the only scene that makes the film not an entire waste of time. Some of the scenes are shot very artistically, very lovely. Unfortunately the plot detracts from the great digicam angles. Perhaps the director may have fixed that by making the film a silent movie. At least he was good at product placement. I won’t ever have a look at a beer bottle the identical way again. I give the movie 1 out of 5 stars. The film just wasn’t to my liking. I know it has a cult following but I am simply not into cults.

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